I'm feeling...


2/27/24: Oh god. How long has it been. *coughs up blood*
7/17/23: Added a Guestbook and replaced the Sitemap button. The Links page will work just fine I think.
7/11/23: The current time is 4:16AM. I may have gotten carried away while making an 88x31 button for the site. Pixel art is hard but man is it rewarding. Time for bed. ;_;
7/10/23: Readjusted the size of the header and navbar! Now it's not misaligned with the body!!
7/9/23: Successfully added the old rainbow navbar from the last page! I've always struggled with HTML, so this is kind of a big win for me lol. Tomorrow if I'm not too busy I'll find/make some cute banners to decorate the sidebars since they're pretty naked right now.
7/8/23: Today was emotionally exhausting. I was really looking forward to updating this and making more graphics. Ah well. There's always tomorrow. Hopefully. I really wanna try redoing the rainbow/cloud themed navbar I made for a previous version of this page. Funny how I keep redoing this site! I have high hopes for this version, as I really like the layout and use of scrollbars to make it more compact. EXTRA UPDATE: As I tinker with this now, I finally managed to get the custom font to work on this page. YAY! I had trouble importing it properly and it kept showing up in cursive on mobile lol. Baby steps.
7/7/23: A few days ago, I created this new prototype from a better looking theme I found on Tumblr because I cannot code to save my life. I plan to tinker with the code to make it more to my liking. I really gotta create a proper graphic to replace that ugly old Updates placeholder...

WELCOME, WELCOME one and all to my very own little home in cyberspace! Please stay a while and have a look around!

NOTE: This website is EXTREMELY a work in progress at the moment. Thanks for being patient!

My name is Lucas! I'm a twenty something internet dweller and purveyor of all things soft and cute! I like video games, cartoons, bright colors and stuffed animals! I've lived on the internet basically my whole life but owning a Neocities is such a refreshingly new experience! I've never had this much creative freedom to build a space that feels unique to myself! I'll soon make a more in depth About Me page :-)